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Times Prayer

Times Prayer is a Islamic Prayer Times Website which helps you to see the the respective timings of all websites round the globe
You can select from a list of variety of websites and find the respective timing of your own choice.
We are the first of our kind of web-based Salah time providers on the platform the internet for all our guests and readers. Our only vision and motive are to educate our fellow Muslim community around the world about the prayer's timings. We believe that prayers are the best only when they are offered at the destined times. We subsequently strive to provide the absolute correct timing of the prayers or salah all around the world.
You can visit us to find the correct timing of prayer for any region of the world for your ultimate offering of the prayers. We take utmost care and dedication to provide the most accurate salah timing since we understand the faith of our readers in us. So, take a look at our website and find the correct timing of Salah for today and share it with your family and loves ones. We do it for a noble cause and to spread peace around the world since prayers can do that.
Thank you